The Clan Hannay Society is an international organisation dedicated to fellowship, friendship and research among bearers and descendents of those bearing the name of Hannay, HannahHanna and Hanney. (click for info about eligibility)


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2017 Gathering

The Clan Gathering in Scotland will take place on Saturday, May 27 and Sunday, May 28, 2017. Tickets for:

can be purchased online by clicking on the corresponding link above (MEMBERSHIP LOGIN REQUIRED).

In addition, the following events will have no charge and are open to all:

  • The Piping in of the Colours and Gathering at Sorbie Tower (Saturday, 3:00 pm)
  • Picnic (bring your own) and Clan Games at Sorbie Tower (Sunday, noon)


New York City Talk on Sorbie Tower

At a reception on April 7, 2017, the chief and convenor gave talks regarding the campaign to restore Sorbie tower.  More information, including a link to a video of the talk, can be found here

Clan Hannay Society 2017 NYC Tartan Week Reception

A venue in central Manhattan was booked for an evening reception 6 pm- 8 pm, on Friday April 7th, to which all clan members in America and Canada were invited. The American Scottish Foundation (ASF), a charitable organisation, arranged the event. Further information can be found in this blog post.

Nov 2016 Newsletter

is now available online (Membership Access required).

Clan Hannay Shop on SCOTCLANS

The Clan Hannay Society now has a special arrangement with SCOTCLANS to provide a wide selection of Clan goods -- much wider than was available in the past directly through the Clan.  Here are some of the new benefits:

  • SPECIAL CLAN DISCOUNT! When you shop through Scotclans, make sure you use the voucher code HANNAY14 at checkout time:
    You will receive a Clan Hannay Discount AND you will also ensure that a portion of your purchase goes towards supporting the Clan Hannay Society.  
  • OPEN TO NON-MEMBERS!  SCOTCLANS items are available to non-members, as is the HANNAY14 discount code!
Click below to go to
  • PLEASE NOTE that some goods not available at ScotClans remain overseen by the Keeper of the Tartan. These are available only to members through the Clan Shop (You will be asked to log in).

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